flexible guardrail

The flexible and shock-absorbing structure of the Raysan Flexible Barrier system is subjected to various tests and analyzes to ensure the same performance continuously.

With these tests and analysis, the skills of Raysan designers are combined and products suitable for the needs are developed. Since our products are flexible compared to conventional systems, while energy absorption is at the maximum level, tensile strength remains at optimum level thanks to its special design.

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They are used for the protection of areas with high-geometry such as industrial doors and surrounding equipments. When used alone in front of doors, bollards provode the highest level of protection.


We care about our future.Our system consists of 100% recycled materials with zero waste.


Although the profiles that make up Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems are 100% domestic production, it is Turkey’s FIRST and ONLY domestic FLEXIBLE BARRIER manufacturer.


Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems are longer lasting against external environmental effects. It takes advantage of its high flexibility capability. It is not disposable.


paint vs. It does not require periodic maintenance. It provides time and labor savings. Even if it is drawn with its self-colored structure, there is no color change. It can be cleaned when dirty.