Plastic Safety Barriers

Plastic Safety Barriers As Raysan, our main theme is to ensure occupational health and safety, and in addition to this, the protection of buildings, vehicles, machinery and equipments, infrastructures and most importantly people by creating the fastest and most suitable products for the developing and changing needs of the industry globally.

Raysan is the first and sole domestic producer of flexible, durable and engaged highly efficient security barrier for industrial buildings, logistics warehouses, manufacturing plants, chemical production and storage facilities and other though working environments such as airports. Raysan designs, develops and produces high-quality and innovative products by developing high-tech plastic raw materials instead of steel barriers, with the help of various tests and analyzes.

Raysan, with the advantage of being a manufacturer, is committed to provide solutions that meet the expectations and specific needs of its customers in the fastest way. We form our value chain on customer satisfaction and with the passion for continuous self-improvement.

We act in a sensitive manner to nature in all of our production stages by using the resources of nature effectively and prudently.

In order to maintain long-term values within the sustainability approach, we create all of our products by using recyclables.

We care about nature and respect our future.

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